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Group sessions in Mriya Resort &Spa are the powerful and efficient instrument for keeping your body fit. Group work will always make you go all out. A small group won’t prevent the trainer from paying careful attention to every guest!


  • Aerobics

    Complex of exercises to music with moderate beat
  • Pilates

    Exercises aimed at strengthening of core, improving your joint and spine mobility and ligament elasticity.
  • Functional training

    It’s a sort of exercising aiming at improvement of muscle strength, stamina, movement mobility, speed and flexibility.
  • Myofascial release

    It’s exercising influencing both muscles, and connective tissue, causing relaxation, boosting the recovery process after weight training and removing muscle hypertension.
  • Stretching

    A complex of specially elaborated exercises aimed at stretching the muscles and ligaments of the whole body, recovery of joint mobility. The main goal is to enhance the body's flexibility.
  • KangooJumps

    High intensity aerobics, aimed at bottom, abs and leg muscles strengthening. Special footwear is used for these exercises – Kangoo Jumps boots.



We provide all the equipment necessary for group training: mats, Kangoo Jumps boots, rollers for myofascial release.


Memberships for guests, who don’t stay at MRIYA RESORT & SPA


Session quantity Prices (руб.)
1 1 month 3 500
2 3 months 10 000
3 6 months 15 000
4 12 months 25 000


Individual myofascial release workouts (1 hour)


Session quantity/time Prices (rub.)
1 1 session 1 500
2 4 sessions 5 500
3 6 sessions 8 500
4 8 sessions 10 500


You can have a look at a more detailed timetable in section “Timetable” or calling +7 (978) 077–92–92 (internal number 5170)