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You will enjoy magical moments of relaxation due to professional approach of our masseurs. Massage will bring you complete muscles relief, you will get rid of pain in joints, emotional and physical fatigue. Take some time to de-stress and pamper yourself!


Classical massage techniques:


  • ​Facial massage

    This massage restores your skin tone, improves blood circulation, promotes and boosts metabolic processes, smoothes wrinkles.
    20 min - 1500 Rub
  • ​“Delicate hands” massage​

    This massage improves blood circulation and promotes metabolic processes, gets rid of swelling, muscle and joint spasms, improves motor skills.
    20 min - 1200 Rub
  • ​Full body massage

    This massage aimed at solving of vast range of physiological problems. It fortifies the immune system and provides complete relaxation of the muscles. Your therapist will adapt soft, medium or deep massage pressure according to your body needs.
    30 min - 1700 Rub
    45 min — 2200 Rub
    60 min — 3000 Rub
    80 min — 3500 Rub
  • ​Sports massage​

    This massage aimed at whole body tone improvement and sports disease prevention.
    60 min — 3500 Rub
  • ​​Lymphatic drainage massage

    Lymphatic drainage massage reduces congestion and makes for elimination of toxins, improves nutrients and oxygen supply in tissues, makes for normalization of metabolism.
    80 min - 3500 Rub
  • Modelling massage

    Massage technique of body modelling is the highly efficient way of creating of a chiselled and fit body.
    65 min — 3500 Rub


Exclusive massage techniques types:


  • Zoku Shin Do – Japanese foot massage

    Acupuncture points massage brings complete relaxation, takes off the effects of weariness and foot swelling, makes for whole body recovery.
    45 min - 2200 Rub
  • ​“Hot stone massage​

    Stone massage is the natural stone touch. It has complex tonic effect on whole organism, strengthens the immune system, and relieves psychological and physical stress.
    60 min - 3500 Rub
    80 min - 4000 Rub
  • ​Massage with herbal bags

    It combines gentle heat effect (warming up the bioactive centres), deep tissue massage, and aromatherapy. It’s perfectly suitable for relaxation and nervous system recovery
    60 min - 3000 Rub
    80 min — 4000 Rub