Rules of Stay and Internal Regulations in Sanatorium-and-Health-Resort Centre MRIYA

These Rules of Stay and Internal Regulations in the Hotel (hereinafter - the Rules) have been developed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, under the Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-I dated February 7, 1992 ‘On the Protection of Consumer Rights’ 2015 N 1085 ‘On Approval of the Rules for Providing Hotel Services in the Russian Federation’, as well as other provisions of the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, and regulate relations for providing hotel, health, sanatorium-and-health-resort and other additional and ancillary services (hereinafter jointly referred to as – the hotel services) in the Hotel.


The following terms and definitions shall apply in these Rules:

Hotel means Sanatorium-and-Health-Resort CentreMRIYA, located at the address: 9 General Ostryakova Str., Opolznevoe Village, Yalta, 298685, Russian Federation, the Republic of Crimea, is intended for temporary accommodation, health improvement and sanatorium treatment of citizens, as well as providing them with a set of related services (paid medical services, excursions, transportation services, etc.), acts under the Articles of Association and other regulatory acts of GARANT-SV LLC;

Contractor means GARANT-SV Limited Liability Company (GARANT-SV LLC, registered by the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Simferopol on October 27, 2014 under the Primary State Registration Number ORGN 1149102066740 (Certificate series 36 No. 003868459).

Services means hotel and/or sanatorium and/or health-resort services provided by the Contractor to the guest in accordance with the chosen rates, including services, which are included in the cost of the Services in accordance with the Rules for providing hotel services in the Russian Federation and the Contractor’s rates. Sanatorium-and-health-resort services are provided to persons from 4 (four) years old.

Health-improvement services mean medical rehabilitation services in accordance with the programs approved by the hotel's internal local documents. Health-improvement services can be provided if staying from 1 (one) night. Health-improvement services are not subject to VAT pursuant to Article 149(3)(18) of the Tax Code.

Sanatorium-and-health-resort services mean services, which include one of the basic sanatorium-resort programs, approved by the internal local documents of the Hotel. Sanatorium and resort services can be provided if you stay from 6 (six) nights, if there is a sanatorium card (issued under Form 072/y-04, no more than 2 months before the date of arrival at the Hotel), but if there are not any medical contraindications. Sanatorium-and-health-resort and spa services are not subject to VAT pursuant to Article 149(3)(18) of the Tax Code.

Hotel services mean accommodation and meals in accordance with the selected rate. Hotel services include VAT of 18%.

Additional services mean the services provided to the Guest on a reimbursable basis and not included in the Service.

Medical Center means sanatorium-resort institution of general therapeutic profile, intended for treatment, medical rehabilitation and recreation.

Guests (Consumers) mean citizens who are intended to order or acquire or order, acquire and (or) use services exclusively for personal and other needs not related to the performance of entrepreneurial activities, as well as legal entities that have the intention to order or purchase or order or acquire services in accordance with the contract for the provision of services (hereinafter - the Agreement) in favor of the consumer.

Customer means an individual or a legal entity that has the intention to order or acquire or ordering or purchasing Services on the basis of contractual relations in favor of the Consumer.

Check-out hours mean the time set by the Hotel for check-in and check-out.

Check-in time means the time from 2 pm local time.

Check-out time is until 12:00 noon local time.

Check-out hours are at 2:00 p.m. local time. Thus, the paid accommodation at the hotel starts at 2:00 p.m. and ends at 12:00 noon the next day. The day is paid in full, regardless of the time of actual hotel stay, later arrival or earlier departure. Check-in to the room earlier or eviction after the check-out hour, as a rule, are paid extra (usually at a rate of half of cost of day of residing). On the day of departure, the guest may leave things at the hotel's storage room at no extra charge until 00:00 a.m. local time.

Reception and accommodation service mean the Hotel’s service, which deals with the reception, registration of the Guests, the distribution of rooms, the settlement and the issuance of Guests, and providing additional services (hereinafter – the RAS); Reservation service means a service as a part of the RAS that deals with reservation of rooms in the Hotel;

Reservation means the preliminary order of places and/or rooms, services and additional services at the Hotel by Guest, by the Customer;

Hotel day means the main unit of measurement of the period of accommodation in the Hotel, the beginning of the hotel day (arrival time) - 2:00 p.m., the end of the hotel day (check out time) - 12:00 noon;

Public offer means the Hotel’s offer, addressed to an unlimited number of persons interested in purchasing hotel services, to enter into the hotel services agreement; Visitors mean the persons, who do not live in the Hotel, but who have the right to stay in the room from 07.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. at the Guest’s invitation; a visitor shall not be deemed to be a customer of the Hotel.

Guaranteed reservation (partial payment (payment for the reservation for the first day) and full payment (payment for the reservation in full) means the type of reservation at which the Hotel expects the Guest prior to the estimated hour of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival, including late), late or failure to check-in on the part of the Guest or the Customer (in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement entered into with the Customer), a fee shall be charged for the actual simple number, but not more than 24 hours, unless other terms and conditions of cancellation are stipulated in the Special Offer.

Reservation Confirmation means a document sent by the Hotel to the Guest in support of the fact that the Hotel is ready to provide the Guest with a set of Services, provided they are paid in time. Confirmation of the reservation is prepared upon the Guest’s request, according to the form approved by the Contractor. The reservation confirmation, the date of arrival/departure, the room category, the number of guests (children, adults), the number of rooms booked, the cost of the room for the first day, the number of nights, the total cost of services, the fare, the type of food, the payment procedure is indicated on the reservation confirmation, cancellation terms, contract information and others.

Preliminary reservation (unpaid reservation) means the type of reservation whereby the Hotel retains the right to cancel the reservation without prior notification in case if there is not the Guest/Customer’s payment within 5 (five) business days after sending the invoice/receipt for payment to the Guest/Customer.

Cancellation of Services means the Consumer’s/Customer’s cancellation by of a guaranteed reservation. The cancellation of the guaranteed reservation without charging for the actual simple number is allowed provided that the Customer/Consumer notifies the cancellation of the booked services by e-mail:, at the following times: 7 (seven) days prior to the arrival date in Low Season; for 15 (fifteen) days before the date of arrival in the Middle Season; 30 (thirty) days before the arrival date in the High and Holiday Seasons; for 45 (forty-five) days before the date of arrival in the Low Season. The cancellation conditions stipulated in the Special Offers are of paramount importance.

Website means a public resource on the Internet, located at:

Seasons (Low, Medium, High, Peak, and Festive Seasons) mean certain time periods are set by the Contractor to form the price level and the order of cancellation of the reserved Services, based on the amount of demand related to the change of the seasons, temperature fluctuations, holiday dates, etc. Seasonality periods are established in the Contractor's local documents, and are indicated in the Reservation Confirmation.

Price List means a systematic list of Services with prices and brief characteristics of the types of rooms, with the content of which can be found in the Reception and Accommodation of the Hotel.

Special offers mean discounts, promotions, as well as other activities aimed at provisional formation of demand for Hotel Services by adjusting the cost of services.

Day Use means Daytime use of the hotel between 08:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Promotional code means a special code that gives you the right to provide discounts for certain services. A promotional code is a set of numeric characters. To receive a discount on a promotional code, you shall enter its value in a special field in the reservation form on the Site.


1.1. The Hotel has a certificate of classification "FIVE STARS", registration number 550003182 dated December 23, 2015 with the validity period until December 22, 2018, issued by an accredited organization Crimea-Kurort-Standard LLC.

1.2. The Hotel’s operating mode is round-the-clock, 7 days a week, all year round, except for the period for repair works, which are regulated by a separate order with the date of closure/opening of the Hotel for repair work.

1.3. The Hotel has 422 rooms of various categories.

Hotel rooms are divided into:

No Brief designati on Type of the room Breakdown Room category Maximum number of guests per room (excluding children from 0-3.99 years old) Adults Children from 4-13,99 years Children from 0-3.99 years
1 DTG Deluxe
Double room with two beds overlooking the garden. Deluxe/Handicapped (Category 1) 3 1
2 DKG Deluxe
Double room with one large bed overlooking the garden.
3 DTS Deluxe
Double room with two beds overlooking the sea.
4 DKS Deluxe
Double room with one large bed overlooking the sea.
5 HCR Handicapped Room Double room with one large bed or two beds.
6 XJG Suite
Family Suite with Garden View Family Suite (Lux) 4 1
7 XJS Suite
Junior Sea
Family Suite with Sea View
8 XRS Suite
Royal Sea
Royal Suite with Sea View Executive Royal Suite (Lux) 6 1
9 VEG Villa
Family Villa with Sea View Family Villa (Apartments) 6 1
10 VPS Villa
Presidential Sea
Villa Presidential with Sea View Presidential Villa (Apartments) 8 1


2.1. The Guest or the Customer shall make reservation of Hotel services by any of the following ways:

  • by phone at 8-800-555-52-71.
  • by posting an application in a special reservation form posted on the official website of the Hotel at:;
  • by e-mail:;
  • by personal appeal to SPIR.

2.2. The reservation form shall contain the following information:

  • Guests’ FULL NAME;
  • Children's age on the date of arrival (to be filled in if the Guests visit children);
  • Dates and times of arrival and departure of the Guest (group of Guests);
  • Type of the room to be reserved;
  • View category * ‘sea/mountain view’
  • Payment method (cash/bank transfer);
  • Guest’s contact number for communication;
  • Guest’s email address.

* The field is required to be filled in when reservation room categories Deluxe/Handicapped (1 category) and Family Suite (Suite).

To receive health-related and spa services, the Guest shall provide additional documents stipulated in paragraphs 3.3 and 3.4 hereof.

2.3. In case of the Guest’s failure to provide the information and/or provide incomplete information stipulated in paragraph 2.2. The hotel reserves the right to refuse the Guest (group of Guests) in the reservation confirmation.

2.4. The Hotel up to 4 (four) working hours (during the work of the Reservation Department) from the moment of receiving the reservation request confirms the reservation to the Guest or refuses the application due to the failure of the Guest to provide information stipulated in paragraph 2.2 hereof, or due to the absence of free numbers. In case of confirmation of the reservation request, the Hotel sends a confirmation of the reservation to the Guest and an invoice/receipt for payment. In case of refusal, the Hotel shall send a message to the Guest about the refusal of the reservation confirmation. These messages are sent to the Guest by sending an electronic message to the email address stipulated in the reservation application.

2.5. Upon receipt of the Reservation Confirmation and the invoice/receipt for payment by the Client, he shall pay for the services booked in the amount and terms established in the invoice/receipt for payment and Confirmation of the reservation. In case if the payment is not made within the timeframe set in the Reservation Confirmation, or the receipt of money in incomplete amounts, the Hotel shall retain the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice to the Guest/Customer.

2.6. Guaranteed reservation shall be deemed to be held at the time of receipt of full/partial payment to the settlement account or to the cashier's office.

2.7. In case if under the terms of reservation the prepayment of the booked services was less than 100% of their cost, the final payment shall be made by the Guest on the day of arrival. The cost of services provided to the Guest is indicated in the Reservation Confirmation. When making final settlements between the parties, the value indicated in the Reservation Confirmation is taken into account.

2.8. If there is no indication in the confirmation of the reservation of the price for the services provided by the Hotel, payment is made at the prices indicated in the hotel price list at the reception desk of the Hotel Reception and Accommodation Center or on the official Site.

2.9. For reservations made at the rates of the Special offers, the terms of payment, changes and cancellations may differ. In this case, the payment terms, changes and cancellations stipulated in the Special Proposals of the Contractor are of paramount importance before the conditions set forth in these Rules. Current information on the terms of the Special offers is indicated on the Hotel Site in the section ‘Special offers’.


3.1. The Hotel's operating mode is round-the-clock, a technical break with an interval of 1 (one) hour is possible during the night audit.

3.2. The maximum stay in the Hotel is 90 days;

3.3. Registration of accommodation in the Hotel is made upon providing:

3.3.1. passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation;

3.3.2. passport of a citizen of the USSR certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation, until he is replaced by a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation within the established period;

3.3.3. birth certificate - for a person under 14 years of age;

3.3.4. passport, identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation - for a person permanently residing outside the Russian Federation;

3.3.5. passport of a foreign citizen or other document established by federal law or recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document proving the identity of a foreign citizen;

3.3.6. document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document certifying the identity of a stateless person;

3.3.7. permits for temporary accommodation of stateless persons;

3.3.8. accommodation permit for a stateless person.

3.4. Health-improving, sanatorium-and-resort services are rendered, provided that the Guest has submitted the following documents:

3.4.1. documents stipulated in paragraph 3.3 hereof;

3.4.2. sanatorium-resort card (issued under Form 072/у-04, issued no more than 2 months before the date of arrival at the Hotel);

3.4.3. compulsory medical insurance policy;

Health-improving, sanatorium-and-resort services for children aged 4 (four) years are rendered, provided that the following documents are presented:

3.4.4. certificate of epidemics (no more than 5 (five) days from the date of issue);

3.4.5. certificate (certificate) about vaccinations;

3.4.6. result of the analysis on enterobiasis (Enterobius vermicularis Pinworm;

3.4.7. dermatologist doctor’s opinion of the absence of contagious skin diseases;

3.4.8. sanatorium-and-resort card issued no later than within 2 (two) months;

3.4.9. identity document (passport/birth certificate);

3.4.10. compulsory medical insurance policy.

3.4.11. Parents/legal representatives shall submit the documents confirming their status.

In case of failure to submit the documents stipulated in this section, the Hotel shall be entitled to refuse to provide health-related/sanatorium-and-resort services.

3.5. If you stay at the Hotel more than the estimated time of 12:00 noon local time (regardless of the hour of arrival), the payment for accommodation is charged in the following order:

  • from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 noon after the estimated hour - a fee is charged for half the day;
  • from 12:00 noon to 00:00 - the fee for a full day is charged.

In case if the Guest has booked a room, he/she shall be entitled to call at any time during the day, in particular from 00:00 to 12:00 noon, with payment of a full day.

The Contractor establishes the daily payment for accommodation.

3.6. Prolongation of accommodation after the estimated hour is made if there are available rooms of the corresponding category or the possibility of relocation to another number is provided.

3.7. To arrange for the security of accommodation, the hotel administration has established an admission regime - the entrance to the hotel territory is carried out by an electronic key and/or a bracelet and/or by prior appointment.

3.8. The entrance and stay in the Guest Room of the Hotel Guest is from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. upon the Guest's request, which shall be transferred to the SPA with the following data: full name of the visitor, series and number of the identity document. Registration of applications for pass of visitors is carried out from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The Visitor shall be obliged to make a document proving his identity at the entrance to the hotel territory.

3.9. When you check into the Hotel, the Guest receives an electronic key, as well as a bracelet corresponding to the chosen Rate type. The electronic key is the property of the Hotel and is subject to return by the Guest at the end of the period of stay.

3.10. If there is a loss of personal belongings from the room, the loss of the electronic key, the Guest shall be obliged to immediately notify the SPIR for taking the necessary measures to search for missing items.

3.11. The accommodation of persons in the room in which the guests actually reside is possible in the event that the total number of guests, taking into account the guests for the population, does not exceed the permissible number of seats in the chosen type of room established by the Contractor. The population is made in the presence of the Guests to whom the accommodation is made or at their request. In case of organized group accommodation, the accommodation in the room of the second guest is possible upon request.

3.12. The total number of Guests staying in the room cannot exceed the permissible number of seats in the room set by the Contractor in paragraph 1.3 hereof.

3.13. The cost of the sanatorium-and-resort, health and hotel services of the Hotel is as follows:

  • meals, according to the selected rate for sanatorium, health resort or hotel services. The types of food can be the following:
    • full board (three meals a day according to the "Buffet" system);
    • breakfasts (breakfasts on the "Swedish table" system);
    • without food.
  • daily room cleaning;
  • daily change of towels;
  • bed linen is changed every day. At the request of the Guest, the time for changing clothe can be increased;
  • toiletries – are replenished with consumption, but not more than 1 time per day for a full day of living;
  • use of electric appliances installed in the room (TV, electric kettle, hairdryer, air conditioning, refrigerator.
  • use of the medical kit, located in the Medical Center of the Hotel;
  • call an ambulance, other special services;
  • use of the safe in the room;
  • use of all the engineering communications of the Hotel (sewerage, cold and hot water, central ventilation system, heating);
  • Wake up call to a specific time (wake–up call);
  • implementation of internal and external (city) telephone conversations;
  • wireless Internet Wi–Fi;
  • provision of boiling water, needles, threads, one set of dishes and cutlery (on request);
  • provision of a baby cot (on request);
  • delivery of correspondence to the room addressed to the consumer, upon receipt;
  • visit to the spa–center: Finnish and cedar saunas, and hammam (Turkish bath);
  • indoor swimming pool;
  • a visit to the outdoor swimming pool and beach area in summer;
  • visit to METROPOLIS Entertainment Center (cinema, animation program for adults and children);
  • visit to a children's club and a games room;
  • visiting the gym and group training;
  • visiting the entertaining and concert program of the Hotel.

3.14. The following types of services are included in the cost of the Daytime visit to the Hotel:

  • visit to the spa–center: Finnish and cedar saunas, and hammam (Turkish bath);
  • indoor swimming pool;
  • a visit to the outdoor swimming pool and beach area in summer;
  • visit to the entertainment center METROPOLIS (cinema, animation program for adults and children);
  • visit to a children's club and a games room;
  • visiting the gym and group training;
  • visiting the entertaining and concert program of the Hotel.

Upon the Guest’s request, a day–visiting service can be purchased with three meals a day according to the "Buffet" system. Nutrition services are paid by the Guest additionally.

3.14. In case of cancellation of the reservation (including late), late arrival, non-arrival, or early departure from the Guest or from the Customer (in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement, entered into with the Customer), a fee shall be charged for the actual room downtime, but not more than within 24 hours, unless other cancellation terms and conditions are stipulated in the Special offer.


4.1. Payment for accommodation and services, Additional services provided by the hotel, can be provided for cash or bank transfer, as well as for bank cards in rubles, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4.2 hereof.

4.2. For payment of Services on the territory of the Hotel the following types of cards are accepted:

  • VISA, MasterCard – issued only by Russian banks;
  • WORLD – any banks;

For remote payment, the following types of cards are accepted:

  • VISA, MasterCard – issued only by Russian banks.

4.3. For stays of not more than 24 hours, the fee is charged per day, regardless of the estimated hour.

4.4. The payment for accommodation per room per day in the Hotel is determined by the price list, which the Guest can see at the stand of the RAS.

4.5. No fee is charged for the accommodation of children until they reach 4 (four) years, provided they are placed with their parents (guardians) in one room without providing a separate place. For children under 4 (four) years of age, a baby cot can be provided upon request.

4.6. If you provide an extra bed for children from 4 to 14 (fourteen) years, the fee will be charged at the full cost of the extra bed.


5.1. The Guest shall be obliged:

  • to comply with these Rules and the procedure of accommodation established by the Hotel;
  • to pay for the services provided by the Hotel in due time and in full;
  • to keep cleanliness, to treat carefully the property and equipment of the Hotel;
  • to compensate the damage in case of loss or damage to the property of the Hotel in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and these Rules;
  • to keep silence and order in the room, public order in the Hotel;
  • not to create conditions and not to allow accidents of power grids, water–heat supply networks and other technical, engineering systems and equipment of the Hotel;
  • if the guest is diagnosed with an infectious disease, or if it is suspected, immediately release the hotel number (Article 33 of the Federal Law No. 52–FZ dated 30.03.1999 ‘On Sanitary and Epidemiological Well–Being of the Population’);
  • to strictly adhere to the rules of fire safety, do not allow the emergence of fires;
  • timely and in full pay for long–distance and international telephone calls, as well as other additional services provided by the Hotel that are not included in the room price. In case of untimely payment by the Guest of the cost of such services rendered by the Hotel, their provision is terminated until the full repayment of the debt;
  • leaving the room to close water intake taps, windows, balcony doors, turn off the lights, TV and other electrical appliances, close the room;
  • The Guest shall be obliged to warn the hotel administration about the existing diseases requiring special care and/or service when providing services at the Hotel, including but not limited to: allergy in any manifestations, musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system disorders and others.

5.2. The Guest shall be entitled to receive the high-quality hotel services.


6.1. The Hotel shall be obliged to inform the Guests when registering their accommodation about the basic and additional services provided, the form and procedure for their payment, as well as to provide residents with additional paid services in accordance with the approved price list.

6.2. The Hotel shall be obliged to ensure the availability in each room of information about the order of accommodation in the hotel, fire safety rules.

6.3. The Hotel RAS representatives shall be entitled to replace the Guest's room or place in the Hotel and demand immediate release, previously occupied by the Guest of the room, in case of need to carry out emergency repair, sanitary and epidemiological and other events in the premises occupied by the Guest, aimed at eliminating the causes that create or threaten normal (high-quality and safe) use.

6.4. The Hotel shall be entitled to refuse to provide the Guest with accommodation services and evict the Guest from the Hotel in cases of violation of these Rules, late payment for accommodation and additional services provided, manifestations from the Guest regarding the personnel and other Guests of aggression or actions threatening the health or property of the Complex and/or other persons.

6.5. The Hotel shall provide full correspondence of the quality of the offered services to the laws of the Russian Federation.

6.6. The Hotel shall ensure the confidentiality of information about guests and visitors under the laws of the Russian Federation.


7.1. Guests shall be prohibited:

  • to be in narcotic, alcoholic intoxication on the territory of the Hotel;
  • to take mass entertainment measures, disturbing rest and rest of surrounding people without preliminary coordination with the Hotel;
  • to listen to music with the use of sound amplification equipment in the period until 07:00 a.m. and after 11:00 p.m. local time;
  • to violate the sanitary and epidemiological norms and regulations, the laws of the Russian Federation on the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population;
  • to use noise and lighting effects, laser pointers and other similar devices in the Hotel;
  • to use in pyrotechnic products (firecrackers, firecrackers, lighting missiles, etc.) without prior agreement with the Hotel;
  • to use sports equipment associated with the risk to the lives of others (bows, crossbows, pneumatic rifles and pistols, etc..);
  • to store explosive, flammable and poisonous substances and agents;
  • to make re-planning of internal premises, facades, access roads;
  • to rearrange and transfer items and other property of the Center;
  • to take out items intended for use in strictly defined zones, in other zones (beach towels, slippers, etc.);
  • to use bathrobes and slippers in any areas of the Complex, except for the guest room;
  • to independently replace the locks (including door and safe locks);
  • to modernize security and fire alarm, installation of water filters and pumps, sanitary equipment and household appliances;
  • to wash vehicles outside specially designated places for this purpose;
  • to carry out video and/or photographing without prior written approval from the Contractor (this rule does not apply to video and/or photos taken by Individual Guests for use solely for family purposes);
  • to make a fire, the establishment of areas for picnics and entertainment outside the territories and premises designated by the administration;
  • to make a fire from all types of firearms and pneumatic weapons; store any types of firearms and/or cold, other weapons;
  • to be in the territory of the Center in bathing suits, dressing gowns, not clothed (except the territory of swimming pools and the beach).

7.2. The Hotel shall be entitled to make the current repair and construction works on the territory of the Hotel during working days and during the day. Noisy and other work at night shall be prohibited, except for cases of emergency, natural disasters, and emergency situations.

7.3. Staying at the Hotel with pets shall be allowed only for guests staying in the “Family villa”, “Presidential Villa” rooms, while an additional fee shall be charged for the accommodation of animals according to the Hotel's Price List.

7.4. Smoking in the Hotel shall be strictly prohibited (including but not limited to the following rooms: rooms, common areas, restaurants, medical center, loggias and balconies, as well as any rooms and outdoor areas and areas of the hotel). If a smoking fact is revealed, the Guest is obliged to pay a fee for dry cleaning of the room (any other premises and territory of the Centre) according to the costs incurred.

7.5. There may be the security video surveillance system works and video recording (including sound) in the whole territory of the Centre (except for shower zones, toilets and rooms) a s. This is done to ensure security and improve the quality of services, in particular to improve the management of the Hotel and ensure the safety of all Guests, hotel staff and any other persons located on the territory of the Hotel. The guest takes note and does not object to the use of video surveillance systems in the hotel premises on the conditions stipulated in this paragraph.

7.6. In the restaurants of the Hotel it is forbidden:

  • To stay without a control bracelet;
  • to be in bathing suits, untidy or dirty clothes and shoes, undressed;
  • to make food and drinks outside the restaurants (take-away is only possible for an additional fee according to the Hotel's Price List).

7.7. Parents (persons who replace them), officials shall take measures to prevent staying in public places without being accompanied by parents (persons who replace them), relatives or liable persons:

  1. minors under the age of 7 years - round the clock;
  2. minors aged from 7 to 14 years - from 21 hours to 6 hours;
  3. minors from the age of 14 to the age of majority - from 22 hours to 6 hours.

7.8. Parents (persons who replace them), officials take measures to prevent the presence of minors in places intended for the sale of only alcoholic beverages, beer and beverages produced on its basis and in other places determined in the light of cultural and local traditions, stay in which can harm the health of minors, their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development.

  • to use electric irons, electric kettles and other electric heating appliances without supports from incombustible materials;
  • to leave unattended electrical appliances switched on; TV sets, radios, etc.;
  • to make changes in the electrical scheme in places of accommodation and rest, install additional outlets and lamps, use homemade electric heaters, wiring harnesses.
  • to use faulty electrical appliances, damaged electrical outlets, switches, other wiring accessories.

8.2. In case of detecting a fire or signs of burning (smoke, smell of burning, rising temperature, etc.), it is necessary:

  • to notify the fire of all persons who are in a place of rest and accommodation, public place;
  • to immediately inform about it by phones 1000, 010, 112, at the same time it is necessary to name your location, place of occurrence of the fire, and also provide your surname;
  • to take measures to extinguish the fire by means of primary firefighting, in the absence of the possibility of taking measures to extinguish the fire, leave the place of fire according to evacuation plans and voice notification of a fire.

In case of impossibility to leave the place of fire it is necessary to go out onto the balcony or other open area, closing the doors tightly behind it, and wait for the rescuers to arrive.


9.1. The rules for access to the hotel shall be established by the hotel. Entry and exit to the hotel territory by car shall be allowed, taking into account the access regime.

9.2. Upon arrival at the Hotel and registration at the RAS stand, the Guest receives a control bracelet of the appropriate color, which serves as a pass for the free stay of the Guest in the territory of the Hotel. The Hotel shall be entitled to demand, and the Guest shall be obliged to fulfill the requirement to use (wear) a bracelet, otherwise the Hotel shall be entitled to refuse to the Guest in providing the services in the territory of the Complex until the moment of confirmation of his/her status by the Guest.

9.3. In case if the Guest arrives at the Hotel in a private car, the vehicle can be placed in the parking lot, provided that there are available places therein, taking into account the following:

  • The Hotel shall not be held liable for the safety of the Guest’s car, parked in the parking lot, in case of causing damage to the Guest’s property by third parties, the Hotel shall be obliged to provide maximum assistance in establishing the reasons for the event (including the provision of video recording, if any);
  • Car parking (parking) shall not be allowed, at fire access to the Hotel buildings, as well as at the main entrance to the Hotel building;
  • It is strictly forbidden to park motor vehicles on fire escape hoses (hydrants);
  • Movement of guests on the territory of the hotel on private vehicles is prohibited (except for the time of the car to the parking lot). When driving to a parking place, the speed of traffic within the territory of the Hotel shall not exceed 20 km/h.


10.1. In case of any questions regarding the quality of the provided services, the Guest shall be entitled to demand immediate elimination of deficiencies in the services provided. In case if at the time of the guest's stay at the Hotel, the Guest has failed to file his/her claims to the Hotel representatives for any reason, the Guest shall be entitled to state his/her claims on the quality of the provided Services in writing (attaching the relevant evidence) and send them by registered mail to the address: 9 General Ostryakova Str., Opolznevoe Village, Yalta, 298685, Russian Federation, the Republic of Crimea. Failure to comply with this condition may serve as the basis for a full or partial refusal to sustain the claim thereof.

10.2. The book of comments and suggestions is at the RAS administrator on the counter with information for consumers and can be used by the guest if desired. The requirements and complaints shall be considered no later than within 10 (ten) days upon filing the claim.

10.3. In case of loss of monetary funds, securities, credit and phone cards, jewelry, and other valuables, the Hotel shall not be held liable therefor.

10.4. The Hotel shall not be held liable for the Guest's health in case of consumption of food and drinks purchased outside the Hotel, as well as in case of causing harm to the Guest's health caused through the fault of third parties or the Guest himself/herself.

10.5. In addition to the liability provided for by the laws of the Russian Federation, the Guest shall be obliged to compensate for the damage caused to the Hotel caused by damage and/or loss of the property of the Hotel in the amount determined by the Hotel, taking into account the cost of damaged and/or lost property, as well as the costs of its restoration and/or repair and/or purchase. In addition, the Guest shall be obliged to refund to the Hotel all damages caused by such damage and/or destruction of the property of the Hotel.

10.6. When third parties provide services in the territory of the Hotel, it is the Guest who shall file all claims regarding the quality of these services to third parties.

10.7. The Hotel shall not be liable to the Guest for loss, damage, costs, expenses and other reasons for compensation arising from the data provided by the guest of incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, illegible, inconsistent, improperly issued orders, late arrival or failure to arrive, as well as for any other fault of the Guest.

10.8. The Hotel shall not be held liable for the harm caused by the Hotel as a result of the provision of the Services, including for the life and health of the Guests and other persons who shall be directly provided with the Services, due to the Guest's failure to inform the Guest about health problems in accordance with Article 5.1 hereof.

10.9. The Guest shall be liable for providing the hotel with false or unreliable information. The Guest shall bear the risk of the consequences of providing such information in the full scope.

10.10. The Hotel shall not be liable to the Guest as a result of the guarantee (except for fraudulent), indirect warranty, condition, etc., for lost profit or indirect, actual or indirect damages, damages, costs, expenses and other claims (due to negligence of the Guest, his/her employees, representatives, etc.) arising as a result of or related to providing the services (including delay in providing the services or failure to provide services) or their use by the Guest. In this case, the full responsibility of the Hotel does not exceed the amount of payment charged by the Hotel for the services, except as otherwise stipulated in these Rules.

10.11. Failure to comply with the Rules and security measures of conduct (including being in the place of rendering Services in alcoholic, narcotic intoxication, use of alcoholic and narcotic substances during the provision of the Services entitles the Hotel to refuse the Guest from providing the Services, resulting in a loss of the right to demand the provision of the Service.

10.12. Guests and persons invited by them shall be liable for the loss and damage of property, equipment, assemblies or inventory provided for the time of providing the Services, and shall be obliged to reimburse the caused damage.

10.13. The Hotel shall not be liable to the Guest and other persons for indirect damages. The concept of “indirect losses” shall include, but shall not be limited to: loss of income, profit, expected savings, business activity. The Hotel’s total liability to the Guest and other persons shall limited to compensation to the Guest or other persons of direct proven damage in an amount not exceeding the amount actually paid by the Guest for the Services.

10.14. Force majeure circumstances. The Hotel shall not be liable to the Guest for improper performance or failure to perform its obligations as a result of actions, events, omissions or accidents beyond the control of the Guest, including but not limited to: (i) strikes, lockouts and other labor disputes (involving employees Guest and/or other parties); (ii) cessation of the activities of public utilities, energy services, water utilities, transport and/or communications, other public utilities and/or service organizations; (iii) natural disasters, wars, riots, social unrest, terrorist acts and other events; (iv) criminal offenses of third parties; (v) changes in laws and/or adoption of acts of state and/or municipal authority; (vi) as a result of an accident; (vii) as a result of natural disasters, including but not limited to: fire, flood, storm, earthquake, hurricane, thunderstorms, showers, floods, other natural disasters; (vii) as a result of the suppliers’ or sub-contractors’ failure to fulfill their obligations, including but not limited to technical breakdowns or mechanical damages, interruption or closure of transport facilities, non-delivery or expiration of the required documents, etc.

10.15. In case of any discrepancies between these Rules and the Public Offer and/or contracts for providing Services and/or agency agreements, the conditions described in the Public Offer and the aforementioned Agreements shall prevail.


11.1. The Hotel shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the services agreement (offer), move out the Guest, in cases if the Guests violate the residence procedure, established by these

Rules, including but not limited to:

11.1.1. untimely payment of services;

11.1.2. causing material damage to the Hotel;

11.1.3. failure to comply with the safety rules (fire safety, etc.) established by these Rules and the laws of the Russian Federation;

11.1.4. on the grounds, provided for in Article 33 of the Federal Law dated 30.03.1999 No. 52 ‘On Person’s Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-being’.

11.2. In case if the representatives of the Hotel identify violations as set out in paragraphs 11.1-11.3., the representatives of the Hotel (the commission with at least 2 (two) witnesses) together with the Guest constitute the ‘Violation Report’. In case of the Guest’s refusal to sign the aforementioned Report, a note thereof shall be made in a special column in the Violation Report. The Violation Report is a notice of unilateral termination of the agreement.

11.3. In case if a doctor of the Medical Center finds any person among the Guests with signs of suspected infectious diseases, as well as situations requiring taking the extended individual medical and sanitary and anti-epidemic measures posing a threat to the health of the guests, the guests staying in the Hotel and the hotel staff shall be provided with the full and comprehensive information on the nature, severity and possible complications of the alleged disease (or the illness of the juvenile being represented), including data on the examination results, his/her preliminary diagnosis and prognosis, treatment options, related risks, options for medical intervention and consequences thereof. Thereafter, the Guest shall be issued with a certification and it is recommended to pass through an examination in the infectious diseases hospital in Yalta or Simferopol (depending on the Guest’s state). In case of the Guest’s voluntary consent to examination, the Contractor shall be obliged to repay the monetary funds for services not rendered (sanatoriums, hotels, etc.). In case if, upon providing the information, the Guest expresses the refusal of hospitalization and treatment (medical correction), he/she shall be proposed to sign the official ‘Refusal of voluntary hospitalization’. In case of the Guest's refusal of voluntary hospitalization and refusal to sign the document ‘Refusal of voluntary hospitalization’, the Commission of the Hotel Medical Center, which should include at least three doctors, shall draw up a ‘Certificate on Refusal to Sign the Refusal of Voluntary Hospitalization’.

11.4. Within 3 (three) hours upon drawing up the Violation Report by the Parties (para. 11.2); ‘Refusal of voluntary hospitalization’, or drawing up the certificate on refusal to sign the ‘Refusal of voluntary hospitalization’, the Guest shall be obliged to release the room and move out from the Hotel.

11.5. In case if the Guest fails to leave the Hotel upon expiration of the period set forth in paragraph 11.4 hereof, the Contractor shall be entitled to initiate the process of forced check out. In this case, the Hotel Administration shall be entitled to involve the law enforcement agencies in the process of the check-out, to require compensation for the loss and damage, caused by such a refusal (including, but not limited to: damage to the business reputation of the Hotel and all other possible losses thereof). Refusal from voluntary hospitalization and/or refusal of voluntary departure, as well as the Guest’s failure to comply with the Residence Rules and/or laws of the Russian Federation, shall be deemed by the Parties as the Guest’s unilateral refusal from services (paragraph 782 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), as a result thereof, the Contractor shall be obliged to withhold the monetary funds for the remaining period of stay as compensation for the actually incurred expenses.

11.6. The text of these Rules in Russian has a predominant meaning.

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