What is the cost of the rooms?

The cost depends on the category of the room, the number of guests, the type of food and the season (slow, medium, high, peak, holiday). You can find out the exact costs at the official website www.mriyaresort.com. You can also get information on costs by calling the hotline 88002343504 or by e‑mailing to reservations@mriyaresort.com. Our staff will be happy to help you calculate the cost and choose the most convenient option for your holiday.

What kind of beds are in the room?

For the comfort of our guests there are different types of beds in the deluxe category: Twin size or King size. In the  "Family Suite" category, there is a double bed in one room and a sofa bed in the other. In the "Royal Suite" category, there is a double bed in one room and two single beds in the second. An extra bed can be added to all rooms. Children's beds and playpens are free of charge on request.

What kind of extra bed is provided for an adult/a child?

Accommodation on a "euro folding bed" is provided for an adult, which is not inferior to a full bed in that it has an orthopaedic mattress. For a child, we can provide a baby bed or euro folding bed at the request of the parents.

What is the area of the rooms?

  • “Deluxe” rooms have an area of about 40 sq.m.
  • The "Family Suite" category has an area of about 80 sq.m.
  • The "Royal Suite" room category has an area of 200 sq.m.
  • The area of the "Family Villa" is 180 sq.m.

What is the view from the rooms? How many floors?

All the hotel's rooms offer magnificent views of the southern coast of Crimea, with its unique relic plants, mountains and the endless sea. The rooms in our hotel are  conditionally divided into those with a sea view and those with garden views.

Is it possible to accommodate a child in the room if he is sleeping in bed with his parents? (when the maximum number of people in the room has already been reached; what is the maximum?)

Yes, if the child is younger than 4 years. If the child is older, his accommodation without his own bed will be, first of all, unsuitable for the child and for the parents. We are happy to help our guests to find the type of accommodation that will be most suitable.

What is included in the price?

The price includes meals according to the type chosen (only breakfast or full board – three meals a day on the Swedish Line system), as well as visits to:

  • fitness club
  • gym and group programs
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pool 
  • SPA center: cedar, Finnish, salt sauna and hammam
  • rope park
  • children's rooms (children from 4 years up can stay without parents);
  • cinema
  • all open areas of the hotel
  • the beach area
  • ice rink (in winter).
  • In addition, all events and animations that occur in the hotel during their stay are free for all guests. If a guest stays in the hotel for 5 or more days, the cost of accommodation includes a spa treatment at 1 of 14 areas in our medical center.

What type of meals are provided? Can I order meals twice a day?

You can choose between two types of meals: only breakfast or full board (three meals a day). If you have chosen "breakfast only," upon arrival at the hotel you can order lunch or dinner for an extra charge, as well as visit the A la Carte restaurants that are hotel. You also have the possibility of round-the-clock room service for food and drinks.

Are there highchairs, cots, potties, prams?

For the youngest guests of our hotel, children's beds, potties, and prams are provided. The main restaurant that serves the Swedish Line has a separate "children's" line. All the hotel's restaurants have highchairs.

Is it possible to book a room for one person, but a different person stays there?

If you decide to make an unforgettable gift to your friends or relatives by reserving a room for them in our hotel, you can enter your details when booking, and in the note indicate who exactly will stay there.

Is it possible to find out what the room number and floor will be?

Our hotel's team makes every guest's stay perfect. We are attentive to all our guests' wishes. You can choose the room category and the view from the room. The room number is assigned at check-in, so we cannot say what it will be in advance.