L'Olivo restaurant cherishes the tradition of Italian cuisine. Pizza and pasta. Carpaccio and gazpacho. Caprese salad and risotto. Bright fireworks of Naples and Sardinia delicacies await you at the southern coast of the Crimea.


L'Olivo means an olive tree in Italian. The restaurant cherishes the traditions of Italy as well as the chef cherishes style, taste and standards of Italian gastronomy.

Wide range of Italian wines is waiting for connoisseurs of wines in L'Olivo. The whole menu bouquet is available for the guests. From classic Chianti to original Tuscan Ornellaia.

In addition to Italian cuisine you can taste dishes and wines of the Crimean cuisine. Sophisticated combination of Crimean lamb with local wine Nebbiolo for dinner gives a chance to experience a real gastronomic adventure.

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